Познав конечность бытия (2017)

by K.M.

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The moist dusk is beyond the invisible verges. You face your own soul to a vortex of dreams, You enter the dare-devilry hall – longing to merge, Your returns and departures like an endless stream. Lethargy’s fog took your mind by deception, Depriving the will to solve on your own. For bygone escapes you’re out of perception, You open your eyes, being dead long ago. You’ve been passing away, but failed to perish, Looking for your own good, but failed to find! Knocking on the shut door being not banished, Whispering wearily, appealing: "Don’t bind!" The frozen time will deprive any meaning Of each soul incarnation you had to spend. Dénouement is known – no sense for kneeling, In spite of rebirth, you’ll find the life’s end.
Go away leisurely, for grief there’s no need. Closed door. Open-wide window frame. There are no more singing birds on the tree. However, by now, it’s all the same... Go away leisurely, you will not wake me up, A mirage or not? ‘twas burnt in the time flame. I’m not unable to keep the past’s wine cup, However, by now, it’s all the same... At the last moment, Anight, the sky was lit up by Selene. The door’s bang. I’m left alone. The last moment was given to me To see the crystal clear light. I lost her... she was my sweetheart... I forgot myself... I abhorred... Came to pieces... Didn't cut... Torturing my mind... Boded no cure.... The life went away without any trace, The cold oblivion froze the palm of the hand, You whispered, "I’m strange in someone else’s place" Smoke blackens the heart, when the fire’s to fade.
Gloomy paints of the autumnal nature Will decompound with the grieving notes’ play. In the slumber, again, the Memory will capture Dead leaves’ circle dance to decay. I craved to escape as the trees’ life essence, Having fallen with leafage under winds’ roll, Rushing to nowhere, as you’ve got some life lessons – There’s no presence of bright autumn tones. The coldness shrouded with the ice veil, Having chilled my heart and soul for good. Leave me alone, I feel no more pain. I’ll stay here, for ever, under the foliage dust hood...
That moment when I passed away, Before my eyes the whole life floated. I turned into a ghost, my memory went astray, My spirit to the sky was restlessly devoted. That day has come to comprehend – How great was my lifetime’s turn, But everyone forgot or failed, During a storm, to care for my sepulchral urn… I left in peace, without any pain. Only severe frost stroked my skin gently. It gave my soul the cure to sustain, Showing the dark and timeless swampy entry. That moment when my heart got cold, Aloudly for help my soul called! In the dark sky hole for a door I sought, But all my dreams were brought to mould. That day has come to comprehend – How great was my lifetime’s turn, But everyone forgot or failed, During a storm, to care for my sepulchral urn…


Released by Electrica Caelestis / Casus Belli Musica on 21th of October, 2017. Cat. # ELECTRICA 008



released October 21, 2017

Katharos - All Instruments, Lyrics, Voice
Katharos & Funeral - Music
Design - Vladimir Prokofiev (Paint It Black)
Records/Mixing/Mastering - Mind Extension Studio (No Life Records) in 2015-2016
Translation of lyrics into English: Sergey AR Pavlov (ar14@mail.ru)


all rights reserved


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