Epitaph Of Solitude

by NIDRA / K.M.

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My steps to nowhere, I go to the void, There’s no way to nowhere, having tricked the fate. Life is just a track of vagabond souls, No place for them to rest in its jail. Kali Ma Kali Ma Aum Sri Paramaha Kali Ma Namah Jayam A blind man’s way directs to nowhere, To nowhere – with no beginning, without the end. Death is eternal, dream with an indestructible snare. The world’s buried with fallen leaves of flam. Kali Ma Kali Ma Aum Sri Paramaha Kali Ma Namah Jayam To nowhere all words, dreams to nowhere as well, Scattered to nowhere the ashes of love. Anger is buried, the fear passed away, The eyes’ narrow pupils see no more time.
The chamber is empty. It’s lonely, cold, damp. Chains are joined in fetters on hands. Eyes ‘re closed, eyelids ‘re poured by lead. I dream I’m inside – on the prison bed. His shackles became rusted on weak withered wrists. I feel my body’s heaviness – it squeezed all from within. He silently eats food, and, having curled up, silently sleeps. And only separation torments, pain pierces with arrows. Drowse in unconsciousness – I am imprisoned with him. He appears rarer in my mind. Increasingly, I’m alone. Daylight decreases in long nights of melancholy. Hours turned to days. Thoughts’ sorrow gnaws. Prisoners in this body, we are completely strange. I am stiff-limbed and mute, when he looks outside. Releasing me, my dream turns off my mind, Looking at the man behind the prison bars.
The stuck lifetime is the violet chasm, It helplessly attracts and whispers to the soul: "Wake up!" – As a poured echo – don’t follow this path. The Universe gist is the void – find yourself, drink an envenomed cup! Blood thickens there, becoming the river of mud, Pus gets into blood vessels through infected flows. Venomous oxygen tears the membrane layer apart. Behind the matter layer, the dark is generated by the void. The void is the bottom’s back, “Tomorrow” won’t be, “yesterday” doesn’t exist. There is nothing else, only a dream. Having found himself, a blind began to see, Having submerged in vortex depths. A sighted one is also the blind, Sinking like a stone – day in and day out.
We woke up in the adult winter, we grew old. How is that? There was childhood’s summer last night… Maybe we were in coma, being wayward in mind? Or, just as everyone, we vanished in the infancy loop? Scarecrow crookedness in a herd is set by a dog, Which is eating the good days of dreams And impressions’ infinite pleasure, Covering all of this with grief mold over the years. We don’t exist anymore, but it seems we do! So, who we are? In perishable skins, slowly going to death. And there is only way out – only to accelerate, Having thrown the killed one’s chains on the wharf. But nobody said that the hopes are void. This world is misbirth, if it is quite inane, In little bodies, underdeveloped ones at different phases Outcast children remain in pain.
The god-mutilated vessel is full of suffering... It torments infinitely the flesh and bones... A night runaway is full of desired offerings... In the leaf fall forest, he wants them to dethrone... He was eager to be bound closer to forest trees... Lit up by the flowers of these bright autumn days... Swinging branches beneath night winds... He forgot ‘bout negligibility of his own substance... He tried to find himself ‘mong desolate spaces... The autumn nature filled his mind with pain... But his mind and body’s eternal contentions... Bore to the world only leprosy and hexes’ stain... He’s been looking for his place in the world for so long... He became sour, but could forget the passing of time... And the autumn flashed ‘tween a tree’s branches... Leaving him in cold snow to get stiffed and covered with rime...
Having begun to hate this world, he went without looking back, Having kept vain attempts of offenses he bore his heart in his chest, And with every step his heart was about to break. His gaze is hidden by grief’s shade, A rusting lock was hung up at his heart, And trying to forget he got migraine, He couldn’t stay here, being eager to depart. The road ahead is called as solitude, It warmed his soul with calm. No more his life’s poor attitude – It’s all the same that people made him run. Having begun to hate this world, he went without looking back, Having kept vain attempts of offenses he bore his heart in his chest, And with every step his heart was about to break.
Having cognized your grief once, You couldn’t find a creature more intimate. The dialog won’t seize your thirst for solitude, In the dead of night, you’ll have to admit this trait. Having lost your affection you lose little, Just a soul particle that gave in. Tortures, pain – the only kind of its spittle, But you’ll cognize grief’s depth in your own skin. Having seized the heart, the grief ‘ll settle there, And change the soul bit by bit, step by step, Relieve you from unwanted problems. With care It will endow with meaning of life without any crap. Losing particles, you find much more, Having found oblivion in wind bursts, Way extension turned to be longer, for sure, Than the earthly life ‘mong people with ends and odds.





Released by Electrica Caelestis / Casus Belli Musica on 25th of May, 2015. Cat. # ELECTRICA 007

CASUS BELLI MUSICA/ELECTRICA CAELESTIS presents a split album of NIDRA (dark/doom metal, Perm) and K.M (dark metal/neoclassic, Syktyvkar).

NIDRA: To be on our way is the most important thing, we are in this state, and our next stop can appear in absolutely other range of perception, but we went deep into doom metal namely in this point.
Compositions of this release present our view of doom metal in its various forms, whether it is funeral, atmospheric or experimental doom.
We are also glad to present Katharos, our companion for the split, who covered BETHLEHEM, the dark metal fathers, together with us especially for this release.

K.M.: Beginning of K.M. project was initiated long before its vigorous activity. The first and main project of a musician under a pseudonym Katharos, a band called EMPTINESS SOUL, was formed in 2010. For 4 years of existence, the project realized 6 stylistically different full-length albums. This stylistic variety of albums is not due to ignorance of the certain way for development, but because of his desire to express a number of various emotions and feelings, and embody them in various forms. As the result, in 2014, it encouraged to finish EMPTINESS SOUL’s activity and create some projects with a deeper message: LAUXNOS, THE HAPPINESS CAGE, REINCARNATION and K.M.
K.M. became a worthy continuation of EMPTINESS SOUL. The project released EP "Five Days of a Lethargic Sleep" in September 2014. Dark metal/neoclassic became a stylistic basis of the project. The topics of lyrics are based on solitude philosophy, and deep comprehension of own essence. Stereotypes, emotions, frameworks of human consciousness, all of this, is a never-ending source for reflections, and the aim of the author is to find room for it both in lyrics, and in a musical component of the project.
The release is published as CD limited to 500 copies. The album’s design is created by Paint It Black Design (BLACK LAKES, VIRGINS BLOOD OF CACHTICE, IN TENEBRIZ, GMORK, WITCHER and others); the booklet contains lyrics in Russian and English. Translation into English is done by Sergey AR Pavlov (ARKONA, ALKONOST, MUNRUTHEL, HAGL, MASTER (USA/Czech), RAVEN (U.K.)).


released May 25, 2015

We would like to express our gratitude to those who helped us to create this recording.

Rain Prahlada

“Pathways Of A Dream (Kali)” - music by Nidra, vocals & lyrics by Rain Prahlada
“Prisoner” - music & guitars by Cold, vocals & lyrics by Rain Prahlada
“Thorns Of Never Existed” - guitars by Cold, vocals & lyrics by Rain Prahlada [Dying In A-Minor - The Angelic Process cover]
“Abyss” - guitars & bass by K.M., vocals & lyrics by Rain Prahlada [“Gestern Starb Ich Schon Heute” - Bethlehem cover]

Session members:
Root - bass [“Pathways Of A Dream (Kali)”]
Sergey Pinzhenin - bass [“Prisoner”]
Mikhail Sidorov - samples & sound-FX [“Thorns Of Never Existed”]

Sound Producing & Mastering:
Mikhail Sidorov - vk.com/easyrecords


Katharos - all instruments, vocal, music, lyrics

Recording, mixing, mastering - No life records


Translation into English: Sergey AR Pavlov ar14@mail.ru


all rights reserved


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