In The Heart


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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

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Heavy Gale 05:19
War, War is the scorched cities’ ruins, smoke, The youth’s amusement, blood call lore. So, I declare my love to War – Thou art the ens’ sense! Thou art the god, cult, cradle, grave - Beloveth War, I am Thine slave! Ares, Perun, Bellona, Thor – Thou art my everything and whole! The craft of wicked is opposed By beauty of amazing roses. How marvelous the sirens howl! How sweet the fires’ crack! So, into flames, damnation, rot – Take me, absorb into the wreck! Shine with Thine fire, War! Let hell come true! I know, a dime a dozen is life’s price, I’m glad to vanish there without rue! With my desire burns my blood to take more souls with me! Burn to the ground, the damned world! Burn, all of ye!
Mors Triumphalis is the will’s triumph, Impulse of heroes who disdained demise. With clear mind, not in delirium’s dusk – Towards their death, with wide-open eyes! Breast ‘gainst spears, with rage of wolves, Throwing yourself to a target – to kill, Right up your last – beat, if even fall, Rip, dig your teeth, cut throats, tear! Wash echoes of doubts out in blood, Being rigid as steel, turn out your fears! Be true to yourself and the only goal – Pure as rock crystal must be your ideas! Death doesn’t frighten the obviously dead. Wrath and resolve ‘re on his austere face, Apotheosis of a warrior life is in death, Fight ‘gainst futile dreams at the fireplace. Owing to fight, fury in hot blood will seethe! - Having entrusted your heart to the war god, Without fear of defeat, fight till you breathe – If your flesh wrecks, soul will be hurrahed! Valor is like a core in northerners genes! Spirit of born war-wolves is like a storm – It’s kept neither in fetters, nor other means! Carrion of foes is for pigs and for worms! Scars of deep wrinkles will never cover Faces of ageless sons of Motherland, Glory will wash them with blood-red shower, To fathers’ credit and mothers’ pangs. Turning your eyes towards the foes, Reap and attack! No one step back! Neither divine joy, nor hellish woe! Perish? In action! Nice life’s final track!
Thunderstorm 03:55
Fractures of blue beams Tear impenetrable clouds. Thunderous peals, Levin light pierces smoke. Downpour ice razors ‘ll pierce through the void... Storm Goddess is angry – Earth axis is annoyed. The celestial ash arch Hammers the peace, Whirlpool of sparks Makes spark flash twist. The flame rages puffs. Air burns a breath... Blue glows of heaven... ‘re washed by rain far away.
Nine bullets – Nine nights. The High One’s rage Is hangmen’s cry. Self-sacrifice! Flame will devour! To the Idea’s tree He is nailed evermore. Memory and Thoughts – The Path’s Ravens are. The wisdom’s to find By iron will, far. Warrior. Father. In the thickness of times. Gaze of the One-eyed Is turned inside. Courageous, strong. Daring Villain. Spiritual strength – God for the men. To worthy masters – The spear’s shaft. Flame in our hands - By the heat of forearm. The world’s pangs of death Is anger to sons. It’s time to dare. No time for words. At your last gasp Drain the blood bowl. In a sheep flock Howl as a wolf.
Europe 04:36
Thou art perfection itself, oh daughter of Gods, The whole world is at Thine feet – A scald doesn’t have enough gentle words To make a laudatory ode! White brilliance of Thine golden hair, And beauty of Thine sky-blue orbs. Empyrean shines brightly in them As the dew drops heralding the dawn… Thou art Genetrix! Lady, and child! Thine image is our race’s face. It’s our fortune – furiously fight To protect Thee and Thine grace! Amid the darkness sea Thou art the light. Worshipfully we kneel... Turn to the ash in a blaze of fight Is an award of ours. For Thee. Europe is free, Europe’s alive, As out of dreams we can start! While to foes’ dread we’re ready to strive, Go to Infinity! For Thee! To the Gods!
Above Death 03:25
Raising sparks of water splashes, Drakkar rushes to the shore. ‘bout risk and death – not care a straw! Poltroonery is the worst heartsore. The dragon on the lifted prow Lurks in the sanguine veil... The surf is painted blood-red: In war-wolves’ ens the war prevails. Jump from the board to the abyss of waves, On the edges of swords. Clang of the steel turned into groan, And laughter of bearded men. Blow! Stab! Bucklers crack Under the charge’s hard pressure! And the smoke of coal black Hides the skyline as treasure... Fearlessly rush in the thick of the fight Having disdained any danger. Valkyries’ shadows are on the ground. On the way to Valhalla you’re rangers! In a hot hand the sword is firmly gripped. The very last breath leaves your body. From your wounds the crimson streams drip, And heartbeats calms down... Having tried the gist of hard fight, Above death, ascend to the skies! For ever brave and full of might, Depart to the Halls, rising high! Disappear as a hero, once for all time, Remaining in minds and people’s hearts. As a spangle – with flame, ash and grime, In the blue sky – in a funeral pyre.
The North 05:57
The Hiems’ aeon, the space without limits. With glittering sparks of the stars. Time wanes in our hands, as in its final minutes A blazing fire tail disappears afar. The contour which painted by these pine crowns Is angular ‘gainst the heaven background... It’s still, it breathes beastly with its deep sound, The frozen wood is snow-covered around. As arboreal walls the fibre mazes Together grew under cloud of night. And from above the vast heaven gazes, Where the frolicsome light rays ‘re bright... Space radiance is the ever-being power It found a shelter to manifest – So, infinity’s brilliance sparkles brightly In the Gods’ sky-blue orbs as their bequest! Here’s ice and hoarfrost. The realm of white colour, Of cold and sublime reveries. I breathe deeply in, so let Hiems show the power And make me a dead part of its sceneries. This bitter frost squeezes stronger and stronger My heart in its ice-cold, harsh, hoarse spiny nips... Mysterious North, Thou art my inspiration! My world! In my life. And in my day dreams.
Wake Up! 06:21
A stench of defeat turned here to “fresh air”, And blood saturated the ground… Your nature is full with fear of despair! Your neck is with a shameful rope round… The heroes eyes’ dark blue colour died out, You bend down under the lash… Obedience of sheep makes you to bow. Wake up and remember: you won’t be white trash! In ashes of burnt fallen hometowns The war flames are still alive… The heroes and widows world, firmness’ ire Are coal pieces under the ground. Shine as a spangle, die in the last ditch, Shooting the last bullet you’ve got. At least if one holds his land’s every inch, Hope is alive! The people aren’t struck! In clouds of splinters – march without fear ‘gainst the foes’ bayonets – ahead! Never surrender! Don’t be sheep-like and drear, Otherwise it is better off dead! The wrath clouds your eyes with the red haze – Retribution is the Gods’ command. The spirit is firmer than fetters and chains! Let the storm in your heart greatly expand!
Outro 03:05


Released by Casus Belli Musica on 30th of April, 2013. Cat. # CBM 018CD

Casus Belli Musica presents the long awaited third full length album of Tver based black metal barbarians HAGL – "In The Heart". The album was created in accordance with traditions of melodic black metal – in the aggressive, fast and epic way. The group develops the best ideas of the previous album and experiments with acoustic guitar and synthesizer parts, that makes their new album more versatile, but at the same time recognizable and understandable. The lyrical component became even stronger, having created the magnificent combination of heroic poetry and music.

Worm Gear Zine (USA)
Ave Noctum (UK) - 7.5/10
Badass And Grimness (USA) - 7/10
OccultBlackMetalZine (USA)
NecroWeb (GER) - 7.5/10
Metal Wave (IT) - 75/100
Medazzarock (GER) - 9/10
Black Metal Roundup (UK) - 6/10
Ondes Chocs (CAN) - 6/10
Vaskarc Rock & Metal Fanzine (HUN) - 8/10
Concrete Web (BE) - 82/100
Destructive Music (US) - 7/10
Metallized (IT) - 73/100
Mondo Metal (IT)
Peter Loftus - IMHOTEP (NO) - 4.5/6
Aristocrazia Webzine (IT)
Atmosfear (UA) - 8.5/10
НеФормат (RU)
Arte Metal (BR) - 8.5/10


released April 30, 2013

The album was recorded in 2012 at Z-studio (Zelenograd, Russia), the album’s cover art was created by a Russian artist Igor Bourlakov (DartGarry), and lyrics for CD booklet were translated into English by Sergey AR Pavlov.


all rights reserved


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